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Should You Stain or Paint Your Wooden Deck?


A wooden deck is a luxury you enjoy. With the right care and continuous maintenance, some wooden decks can last up to 40 years. Staining or painting your wooden deck doesn't just allow you to customize the appeal of your outdoor living space. Either option will help protect your deck from moisture and sun damage, and staining or painting will both keep your deck's wood in healthier condition for longer. Should you paint or stain your deck? Use this guide to help you determine which deck finishing option is right for you.

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Tips For Choosing An Exterior Color Palette


Having the exterior of your house painted will freshen up the façade. However, an exterior paint job is a big commitment. It represents a big investment of both money and time. What's more, your house's façade will help set the tone for your entire property and even part of the neighborhood. Therefore, you'll want to approach this decision with care.

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